To install AlphaTapp on your multi-touch-capable Android device, download the file from the Google Play Store. Be sure to check out the demo videos at the bottom!

Alphatapp on Google Play


AlphaTapp is an easy, one-handed communication method that takes only a few minutes to learn.  All it requires is the five fingers of one hand and a surface to tap (or the phone app!).  AlphaTapp can be used with either the right or the left hand.  Starting with the thumb as “A” and moving outward, different combinations of finger taps will communicate your message silently.  A hand swipe denotes a space.  A closed fist ends a sentence or denotes a decimal point.

AlphaTapp is a method than can be learned in about 10 minutes.  It is not a secret code as, similar to American Sign Language, anyone watching and knowing the symbols can read it.  It is a method for subtle or silent communication in a very noisy or very quiet environment.  It is intuitive.  The letter representations follow a logical sequence, and some combinations even look like the letters they represent.

The AlphaTapp Matrix

The next page shows the main AlphaTapp matrix. It shows the layout for both right and left hands. Line up the fingers with the matching columns to determine which fingers should be touching the surface to denote that element.

Print and turn the form to use whichever side is easiest for you, whether sending or receiving.

In the graph you can compare how the symbols appear when sending or receiving. The fingers in the diagram line up with the columns that show the dark boxes when that finger is touching. A clear block indicates a finger that is raised. (i.e., the letter A is thumb only, letter U is thumb and little finger, etc.)

Finger nomenclature:
T –Thumb
I –Index
M –Middle
R –Ring
L –Little

AlphaTapp Execution and Symbology

Place your hand with all fingertips near the tapping surface. Starting with the thumb as A, a black box means that finger is making contact with the surface. All five fingers touching the surface is an E.

The numeric symbols duplicate of some of the alphabetic symbols. This is necessary as there are not enough combinations of five elements (fingers) to add ten additional symbols. Therefore the number/alpha symbol (index, ring) is used to tell your partner that you are switching between alphabetic and numeric (like the NUM LOCK key on a keyboard). A hand swipe (no fingers) denotes a space. A double hand-swipe can denote an error or backspace. A closed fist ends a sentence, or denotes a decimal point when in numeric mode.

Here is a demo on how the app works:

And here is a demonstration of all the codes. They are simple to learn! Just drum your fingers in sequence from Thumb to Little, eliminating the first finger in the group the next time around. That takes you all the way up to letter “O”. For P through T, hold the thumb down and start with skipping the index finger in the same way. It should only take about ten minutes to grasp the whole concept. Much faster than touch-typing, or even finger spelling!